ISO Consultation Services in Qatar

ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | ISO 45001 | ISO 22000 | ISO 50001 |

ISO 41001 | ISO 20000 – 1 | ISO 27001 | ISO 18788 | ISO 17025 |

 ISO 22301 | ISO 22716 | ISO 10002 | ISO 13485 | FSSC 22000 |

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ISO 9001 Consultation in Qatar ISO 27001 Consultation in Qatar
ISO 14001 Consultation in Qatar ISO 18788 Consultation in Qatar
ISO 45001 Consultation in Qatar ISO 17025 Consultation in Qatar
ISO 22001 Consultation in Qatar ISO 22301 Consultation in Qatar
ISO 50001 Consultation in Qatar ISO 22716 Consultation in Qatar
ISO 41001 Consultation in Qatar ISO 10002 Consultation in Qatar
ISO 2000 – 1 Consultation in Qatar ISO 13485 Consultation in Qatar


We ensure your business is equipped with all necessary documentations and abides by all the quality, safety and environmental regulations of ISO, Ministry of Public Health, and GCC – GSO – Qatar Municipality and Environment (Baladiya)

We provide consultation for all ISO Standards in Qatar. Our experts will carry complete consultation procedures to ensure the clients get ISO certification benefits from their certification providers.

ISO Consultation process involves

Gap Analysis: An in-depth gap analysis will be conducted on the company’s current performance, documentation, and records to identify the risks, missing documents & manuals, key actions and quality system. The gap analysis is conducted to provide the company with a structured plan that will help them get ISO Certified.

Designing Management System: A systematic and applicable ISO Manual will created and provided by our expert auditor to help provide tailored solutions to your company. These solutions provided in the manual will be all ISO Standards.

Management System Team Formation: Our experts will then train management team to work as quality controller to ensure the team is fully aware to implement all ISO standards within organization.

ISO Training (To training All Employees to know what ISO & How is to Implement in each department)

The training will include familiarizing the members with identifying existing performance and meeting ISO standards to be complied with. It will be a detailed presentation of ‘How to implement ISO Standards in each department’.

Gap Analysis Follow-Up & Documentation Implementation: The next step will be to identifying the documentation process of the company and providing solution to it. This helps the company to authorized in the market and secure themselves against competition and annual audit risks.

ISO Stage-1 Audit: To ensure there is 100% ISO implementation procedures

ISO Stage- 2 Audit (Final Audit for Certification) This step is the final audit conducted for smooth ISO certification provider Audit.

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We make monthly and yearly contracts with clients in Qatar to carry a complete food safety consultation and audits.

Our food safety audit program in Qatar provides a complete technical support to the clients in terms of documentation , Food Safety Training and layout structure of the food manufacturing unit , storage unit, food processing unit, catering services unit, kitchen lay out structure for best food safety standard implementation. During our contract period , we carry:

Kitchen Audit in Qatar:

Kitchens dry, cold, and frozen stores are inspected followed by audits. Any Non-confirmation found are reported and discussed with pictorial slides which help to avoid them completely to be repeated.

Audit for food safety Documentation Establishment in Qatar:

Appropriate documentation is established to record and review adequacy of the food safety standard plan to show the process history, monitoring, the deviations, and the corrective actions.

Pest Control Consultation in Qatar as part of audit

Pest control is essential to prevent the spread of diseases, to prevent wastage of food due to pest contamination, to comply with the law and avoid possible closure of the food business.

Infinity food safety provides enough consultation during kitchen audit to know the reasons of pest control. Preventive control can be environmental control, design, maintenance, proofing of buildings, good housekeeping, physical control, chemical control and due diligence defense.

Quality Assurance in Qatar as part of audit:

Infinity Food Safety provides standard operating procedures (SOP’s) and Good manufacturing practice procedures (GMP) as implementation of quality checks and procedures to immediately correct any failure and mistake that is able to reduce the quality of the interim products at every production step. Thus, the desired high quality of the final product is planned and obtained.

Food Safety Training as part of Audit:

Our experts provide on job food safety training in theoretical and in practical approach in order to carry maximum food safety implementation in an organization. Food safety Training program in Qatar is designed based on the Qatar municipality Baladiya , Ministry of Public Health in Qatar MOPH and according to the GCC GSO as well as international standard.

Sanitation Program in Qatar as part of Audit:

The purpose of a sanitation program is to provide a clean and sanitary environment for the handling of food products. This program must provide cleaning and sanitizing of all food handling equipment and each area of the facility in a timely manner. It is essential that this program be designed to accomplish this objective and remain economically feasible while it meets or exceeds all of the regulatory requirements. To maintain sanitation program, Infinity Food Safety follows basic four steps:

  1. a) Assign a plant sanitation b) Written cleaning procedures

C)Written cleaning schedules     d) Inspection program

Audit Review Meetings:

At the end of every month, a management review meeting is held to discuss all the food safety audit reviews and municipality (GCC)-Interior Ministry of Health QATAR updates MOPH (Ministry of Public Health in Qatar) . Infinity Food Safety follows four key stages of review process.

*Identifying objectives   *Management review meeting

*Disseminating results   *Collecting and analyzing data


IQS helps companies in Qatar with surveillance ISO audits of any standard like ISO 9001 | ISO 14001 | ISO 45001 | ISO 18788 | ISO 41001 | ISO 22000 | HACCP etc  for the continuation of ISO certification according to the scope of work:

IQS ensures the companies carry the complete evaluation of ISO standard:

Surveillance Audit in Qatar: A surveillance audit provides an opportunity to focus more closely on results. Do the processes work, or not? At least a year’s worth of data is now available to give a much clearer picture. The surveillance audit will dig for answers to the following questions:

  • Is the management system still operational and effective?
  • Is compliance with the standard still being maintained?
  • Is continual improvement being achieved?
  • If the certification audit revealed any areas of concern, what is their status now?

Our ISO Consultation Services in Qatar will ensure you effective and systematic system of ISO surveillance audit procedures.

Contact IQS for the following queries in details:

  • Surveillance Audit for ISO 9001
  • Surveillance Audit for ISO 14001
  • Surveillance Audit for ISO 45001
  • Surveillance Audit for ISO 18788
  • Surveillance Audit for ISO 22000
  • Surveillance Audit for ISO 41001
  • Surveillance Audit for ISO HACCP —-and more ISO certification surveillances in Qatar